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We are committed to providing the best product available so we listen to all of our customers.  If it makes sense...... we do it or change it!   Without you (our customers) we would not exist so please tell us what you like or would like changed and we listen!  Thank you for contributing to our success.  
- Mark Heymann 

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I am a vegetarian and this is the only meat I eat.  Alicia, Dallas Tx
I received my order within 2 days and it was neatly packaged. My daughter and I ate 10 ounces within 30 minutes. We could not put it down! Great Jerky Rich, Baltimore, Md
This jerky is incredibly delicious! Tender tasty and fresh. The only problem is I never buy enough and run out way too fast. Rick, Frisco Tx
I'm not a big jerky fan, but this stuff is AWESOME! Try it!  Seriously, try it! Kathi, Woodbridge
Mr. Heymann, I have traveled the world over in search of the perfect jerky recipe and do believe I've
found it with your product. Better than SEX !! Mike , Dallas Tx 

I have been eating jerky for 10 yrs. but this Drunken Cow is the best I ever sunk my teeth into - tender and tasty with a little kick. Nothing else compares. Ed, St Petersburg FLA
Best daaaa-aaaaamn jerky I've ever had. Can't decide if I like the regular or hot better. Mark, Plano Tx 
Excellent product. I've only had the original,,- try to keep my golf bag stocked with it, and usually eat the entire bag during a round ! I want more. Brian, Frisco Tx

We have been enjoying this jerky  for six months and buying it for family and friends.  Try it 
once and you'll agree there is nothing else like it.  Jan, Dallas Tx

The best beef jerky I have ever had! I couldn't put it down. Just ordered more. Can't wait for it to 
be delivered. Steve, Dallas Tx

This is the best jerky I have ever bought. It is second only to the jerky I smoke at home and 
that is only because I can eat it as it come off the smoker. I will be a regular consumer of 
Drunken Cow Jerky! Tim, Houston Tx

True Texas Good Ol' jerky.  I prefer the hot!  Not enough heat to drown out that wonderful taste.  
My only problem, is once I open the bag I eat till it's done and my jaw hurts.  Truly great stuff.  
Try some and you'll never go back to that store bought stuff. Tom, Dallas Tx

Mark's recipe of secret herbs and spices, combined with the best quality meat, mixed with his 
perfection of the process...has brought us a superior quality finished product, that makes the others 
seem very dull ! I like the Drunken Cow name, but Jerky seems understated...It's more like "Steak-To-Go" 
Drunken Cow Jerky..." ......this bag's mine... go get your own!" Bill, Dallas Tx

Drunken Cow Jerky ROCKS!  The jerky has such a good flavor because of the process that is used to prepare it.  Soaking the beef in Whisky for 24 hours plus the unique blend of species that they use enhances the meats flavor.  I like the teriyaki flavor the best but all the jerky is guaranteed to please.  Moo baby!  Mark, North Carolina

I opened the bag and ate the whole thing in one sitting. The only other time that happens is with Girl 
Scout cookies.  You are the Samoas of jerky. I hate-love you.  Daylon, Dallas Tx

Awesome Jerky! Best quality that cannot be compared to the store bought stuff.  Loved the 
Original, requested something with more kick and Mark started doing the Spicy. Perfect!!!  I just 
tried the Teriyaki for the first time last week and absolutely loved it! It is my new favorite! Keep up 
the quality work Mark!!! Lowell, Allen Texas
I love the "hot". It's typically completely gone within a day of me 
receiving it.  Lauren, Dallas Tx

Mark, the jerky was great, I gave batches of it to several of my customers . They loved it, I will be 
ordering lots more to give out . Thanks for your help!  Chadd, Loreauville LA.

DCJ is so addictive! I got 3 bags and it was gone in 2 hours! Really gourmet and flavorful. I can't 
decide which one is my fav! Stephanie, Dallas TX

I am a beef jerky lover, and I don't just crave jerky, I crave drunken cow jerky. 
Jasmine, Dallas Tx

This stuff gets you drunk on flavor. Such a good taste.  I am simply GAGA over Drunken Cow Steak Jerky. Elvis, Dallas Tx 

ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!  A co-worker shared his stash with us and soon after, he was shaking 
out the last piece.  I'm sure he wished he had kept it to himself! Carol, Baltimore Md.
A little taste of beef heaven in every bite.  And just in case that piece of heaven gets stuck in your 
teeth, my bag also included a handy flosser!   Great job boys, the original flavor rocks! John, Dallas Tx
Great tasting Jerky!  me and the kids tore it up.  I will be ordering some more real soon.  Very fast 
delivery and it was neatly packaged. Bill, Freedom PA.
Best dam jerky I've ever had! You guys sold out at the North Texas Beer Festival so we'll 
get our fix from your webpage! You guys Rock!!! Kirk, Dallas Tx
The hot flavored jerky is my favorite, the spices are good and it has just enough kick!  It was very fresh and my family loved it, we will definitely be ordering more!!!   Kim, Mckinney Tx
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  It makes for the best snack and is the 
most flavorful jerky. A party in your mouth is an 
understatement!! Thanks Mark, you're the best!!!!! 
Amy, Frisco Tx 

Thank you so much for the jerky!  It was incredible!!  Can I buy 
stock in your co?  You're gonna be big time!!!  It was gone in like 5 min.  
The flavor is the best.  You're right, you can't beat your meat!!! 
Renee, Dallas Tx
Best jerky I've ever had!!! Last time I went to purchase, some friends started texting 
and calling wanting me to pick some up for them. I wouldn't promote 
Drunke Cow Steak Jerky if I didn't truly believe in it's high quality and great 
taste!    Camille, Carrollton Tx
 I bought 10 oz HOT and 10 oz Original. I am in the roofing industry- manufacturing side. I brought both bags to work, gave me colleagues a "sliver" of each. It is only 12:00 in the afternoon and I have already had 10 visitors coming by my desk asking for more. Great Stuff! Kendra, Dallas Texas
I greatly enjoyed your original beef jerky! Trying to make it last asa snack for several days is hard, and I'll definitely be buying it again! I'll have to sendsome of it to my friends across the country as well. Great job! Rebecca, Flower Mound Texas
Real men eat ghost!!! It's the best flavor and tasting jerky ever! Bill, Frisco Texas
The Ghost pepper jerky is outrageously good -- I can't get enough! A friend at work recently introduced me to it and I've had him making numerous runs to the convenience store to score more. How times change: once, I'd give a friend 20 cash and he'd come back with a baggy that wasn't full of dried meat! (And Cream had just released their first album... ) Dick, Plano Texas
Can't stand other beef jerky but love this stuff. Feed the wife wolf bites and I eat the Hot. Steve, Dallas Texas
I am a Louisiana boy, man let me tell everyone one thing oooohh weee! This Drunken Pepper Spice took me back home!!!!!! Royal, New Orleans LA


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